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Adding Diversity to Home Decor

Handmade rugs have remained a significant element of the colourful cultures across Asia. At Classico Rugs, we took the initiative of splashing these vibrant colours across the world. We stand as the leading suppliers of exotic handmade rugs and carpets from Persia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Nepal, and other regions known for their unique styles and craft. Our high-quality rugs are beautifully created by skilled professionals associated with the craft for centuries.

Not only do we offer you access to an unlimited array of designs and styles when it comes to hand-woven rugs and carpets, we also offer services related to maintenance and cleaning of precious rugs in your home or area of business.

A Magical Varity of Classic and Contemporary Rugs

At Classico Rugs, we understand that understand the varying needs of every customer and that is why we go beyond the traditional designs and styles of rugs. We give you more options to find out a rug that can truly add magic to the whole setting. Whether you are going for a lavish and luxurious feel or a modern and minimalist theme for your home decor, we have a rug that can breathe life to your ideas.

Our competitive prices have further established our reputation as a company that truly understands the needs of its customers. One thing that does remains the same for all our rugs is the high quality of material and exceptional skills used in the making.

We keep travelling around the world in search of exotic and ethnic designs and styles that can add a whole new personality to any room. And that is not where our quest of satisfying our customers stops!

Rolling the Biggest Welcome Rug

When it comes to treating our customers, we show an exceptional level of care and hospitality. Despite our extensive range of hand-woven carpets and rugs in our inventory, we go out of our ways to find for you a rug that fulfils your requirements up to the last thread.

Your visit at our store will be filled with a lot of stories regarding the hand-woven rugs, the beautiful craft, and the origins of various designs and styles we have. We make sure that you leave our store with a wonderful rug and great value!

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