Handmade Rugs

Easiest Way to Get Your Hands on the Finest Hand-woven Rugs

If your classy decor idea is missing one major piece of puzzle, let us help you explore an impressive variety of handcrafted rugs to find an exclusive item that will fit the bill.

While we offer an amazing range of products and services, our handmade rugs are what truly set us apart. As UK’s leading online rug store, we offer a diverse selection of highest quality handmade rugs that are handpicked from locations across Asia and the Orient.

From colours to patterns and sizes to materials, each selected rug is unique and outstanding in its own way. If our collection is too confusing for you, we allow you to refine your results by exploring products based on their specific categories.

Our main categories for handmade rugs online include:

Wool Handmade Rugs

Wool rugs are the most common types of rugs that are sourced from Pakistan, Turkey, Persia and Afghanistan. Despite being popular, it is not easy to find a handcrafted wool rug that perfectly fulfils the criteria of quality as desired by those who enjoy a fine taste in home decor. We do not settle for mediocre products. We work with the actual masters of the craft to ensure our handmade rugs are worthy of being placed in a palace.

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Silk Handmade Rugs

Silk, being more exclusive and expensive, is not as common a material for rugs and carpets, yet silk rugs have been widely used in palaces and courts of emperors across Asia and the Orient. They exhibit a whole different level of luxury and class, and have a unique polished feel. A stroll on these silky hand-knotted wonders offers an absolutely soothing feel. We get our silk rugs mainly from Iran as many believe it to be the area of origins for these luxurious commodities.

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Antique Handmade Rugs

Our antique rugs feature an assortment of wool and silk creations with classic patterns and designs. Sourced mainly from Turkey and Persia, these rugs are a little different from what we commonly see it the market.

Extensive research has led us to craftsmen associated with the art of rug making through centuries. They have the knowledge passed on to them by their ancestors. They know the art as it was, and as it has evolved. From exclusive material such as Abrash to ethnic patterns such as that of Baluch, we have it all.

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