Antique Rugs

More Than Just a Touch of Class

Adding antique items to your home decor can bring out an absolutely mesmerising level of charm and class to the whole room. While antique jars and decoration pieces are just accents that add a touch of that charm, an antique rug is akin to laying down a solid foundation for a magnificent decor. These are the rugs with a glorifying history and an undying glamour. There are only a handful of crafters who specialise in the patterns, designs, and styles that qualify as antique rugs. That is what makes them a rare commodity only a leading company such as Classico Rugs can be trusted with.

For collectors who understand the real value of these priceless and precious antique rugs, Classico Rugs brings an exclusive variety of antique rugs sourced from all parts of the world. Our antique rugs showcase traditional rug styles and designs that now stand as a highly sought-after testament to the magnificent era they were crafted in.

Well Preserved Pieces of the Golden Ages

Our choice pieces are preserved in immaculate condition all across the globe. From the Abrash rugs from the courts of Persia to the pure silk ones created by masters in Japan, and from rugs that decorated the courts of Turkey to those that embellished the palace of Agra, we promise the most diverse range of antique rugs online.

These rugs are windows to how the art of handcrafted rugs has evolved over the centuries, and provide are more clear view of elements that set each style apart from another. Since these are the items that have endured the test of time, the quality is simply unparalleled. Most of them, just like the rugs commissioned by the riches and royals of the golden times, have a very high knot count.

Stunning Cultural Pieces for Any Luxury Setting

Our high quality antique rugs online are perfect for homes, hotels, and places of businesses where making an impression is extremely important.

Besides providing rare traditional rugs, we also offer regular maintenance services that can keep your historical investment damage free for years. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free valuation and consultation on the antique rug you wish to procure from us.

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