Silk Rugs

The Finest form of  Luxury Decor

Those blessed with the most refined aesthetic tastes choose hand-knotted silk rugs over any other variety. Obtained from the larvae of silkworms, silk is it is a prized organic fibre that lends itself well to weaving intricate patterns and designs. Classico Rugs offers high-end Persian and oriental silk rugs known for their unique knot count along with the strikingly luxurious texture that the hand woven variety boasts.

Our silk collection is unarguably our finest collection of rugs and showcases unique works of art lovingly created by master weavers from the tribal regions of Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and Turkey among others. Apart from the comfort factor, our silk rugs feature a distinct prism-like structure which gives them a natural sheen.

A Unique Variety Suitable for Varying Needs

One unique quality of silk fibre is that it allows for more knots per square inch, giving crafters the freedom to add more details and precision in the pattern. When compared to wool rugs, silk ones have patterns and designs more neatly created and well-defined. That is what makes it easier to create motives or patterns exactly similar to the ones used in other elements of your room decor such as curtains and sheets.

We have different types of silk rugs available in our collection. The premium ones are the Persian and oriental rugs made from 100 percent silk fibre – the warp, the weft, and the pile.  In some regions of Persia, silk fibres are used to add details to the wool rugs giving them a whole new look of luxury. There are wool rugs that are based on silk foundation and allows for a tighter knotting of wool due to the light weight and flexible foundation. In Kashmir, however, there are silk rugs based on cotton foundation. While they retain the same silky feel and look, the price is much reasonable as compared to that of a pure silk rug.

Reinvent Your Space Our Hand-knotted Persian Silk Rugs

Our silk rugs online are available in different styles and colours with a knot count of around 100 KPI to more than 600 KPI. Browse through the collection to find a rug that matches up to your needs and budget.

Classico Rugs also offers free valuation and home visit if you are unsure of the type of silk rug you need. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you need help during selection.

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