Wool Rugs

Explore the Epitome of Handcrafted Luxury

When it comes to handcrafted luxury rugs, wool is considered the fibre of choice for many reasons. While it is an easily available and workable material, it takes the highest form of mastery to turn it into a magical and magnificent piece of home decor.

At Classico Rugs, we joined forces with some of the finest craftsmen across the globe to source the most exotic variety of woo rugs and carpets. These are gorgeous yet reasonably priced rugs with style and quality that is bond to outlive every other item in the room.

Ensuing Quality and Value at every Level

At Clasicco Rugs, we are able to promise the best value because we go out of our way to ensure quality at every level. From the sourcing of wool from the finest herd to processing of the fibre, we make sure that only the highest quality material is used in creating our rugs. The material then reaches our very exclusively selected masters of the craft who diligently work to make each rug uniquely beautiful in every sense. The result is a rug that is a delight to the eyes, soft to touch, and durable enough to last for years and years to come.

The innate durability of the fibre combined with the quality craftsmanship ensure that our rugs can withstand heavy traffic in areas such as hallways, bedrooms and living rooms and last for years if maintained well. Since it is highly resistant to the elements such as fire and water, it is ideal for homes, offices, as well as public places such as hotels and museums.

A Diverse and Different Collection

Our online collection of wool rugs comprises of hand-knotted masterpieces from Persia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Turkey, and even the Orient. Each region has its own unique style, and we encourage our crafters to experiment and innovate in terms of designs, colours, and patterns.

That is why we offer you a wide and vivid variety of designs, size and colour option which can merge into any interior design. Moreover, our customers have first choice of newly introduced woollen rugs that, besides being of the finest make of luxury combinations, boast a beautiful finish that is unique to each finished piece.

In order to ensure you enjoy our rugs for years, we also offer a professional cleaning, restoration and maintenance service.

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