We provide the following services to our clients:

Free Valuation

At Classico Rugs, we provide interior design services and we also work closely with a number of top interior designers throughout the UK & USA to find the right rug for almost any room. If you are looking for something modern, machine-made traditional or bespoke and custom rug designs services then please send us an email at


Good Care of Handcrafted Gems

At Classico Rugs, we believe that hand-woven carpets are exotic treasures that must be more than appreciated. One should cherish them for the hard work and amazing skills they showcase so brilliantly. As the leading provider of high-quality handmade rugs in the UK, we help you do exactly that.

We offer an array of services to help you protect and preserve the beauty of these hand-woven rugs. We have complete understanding of the difference between each type of rug, Persian rugs, Afghan rugs, Turkish and rugs from the Orient and Pakistan. We know the different material and techniques used in the making, and how these factors impact the way one should take care of handmade rugs.

We offer carpet cleaning and rug restoration services to help our customers enjoy their luxurious commodities for long as possible.

Cleaning and Restoration

Your Problem

You understand the value of your exotic handcrafted rugs and carpet, but not everyone may respect your fine taste. With kids and pets around or in commercial buildings, a rug always runs the risk of getting tainted by dust and other elements. Cleaning and handling such delicate and precious pieces require special expertise that untrained and inexperienced cleaners just cannot provide.  These kinds of situations call for specialists can restore/clean the delicate fibres without damaging them.

Our Solution

At Classico Rugs, we have specially trained personnel who know how to clean rugs without ruining their colour, design or overall look. Our professional rug cleaners and restorers can scour and restore handmade luxury rugs back to their former glory. Each member of the team has had years of experience cleaning and rejuvenating Persian, Pakistani, Oriental, Afghani, Turkish and other handwoven rugs that had varying degrees of damage.

Our personnel will first assess your rug, determine the appropriate procedure to clean it, conduct dye stability tests and then select a gentle hand cleaning method to take care of grit and minor stains. At the end of this procedure, your rug should be good as new.


Cleaning and Restoration

Your Problem

As mentioned, handling such delicate handcrafted wonders require high-level expertise. Cleaning high-end rugs on your own, or getting them fitted through a team that lacks proper expertise may result in further damage. It may lose its beauty in the form of faded colours or, worse, destroyed fibres, uneven cuts, and knots.

Our Solution

Classico Rugs provides helps get your rugs restored and even fitted to the highest standards. This includes Binding services which is a simple yet very effective way to ensure no part of your expensive rug goes to waste. After the rug is put into place in your designated location, we can use the leftover pieces to create matching runners or mats that will serve as an additional layer of protection.

Repairing a ripped carpet or reweaving should only be left to professionals who have years of experience restoring damaged rugs. This includes aftercare and treatment using chemicals that are gentle on the fringes and fragile material but strong enough to scour it clean.


Try Before You Buy – Free Home Viewing

No one regrets investing in a hand knotted rug, but getting the wrong size can be utterly disappointing. We save you from such ordeals by offering an exclusive pre-purchase trial offer. We will arrive at your place with your chosen handwoven rug to help you see if it fits as perfectly as you desire.

After all, an exceptional customer experience is what Classico Rugs truly takes pride in. Get in touch and let us help you make the best decision.

The Process:

Step 1:

Contact us to book an appointment for a Home Viewing

Step 2:

We will then put a selection of carpets together and bring them to your home, so you can see them with your decor. We are happy to bring carpets from the large rug collection anywhere in mainland UK free of charge and without obligation.

Step 3: To meet your requirements and provide you the best service.


Please contact us for further information.