Discover the Most Diverse Variety of High-quality Rugs Online

At Classico Rugs, our want to ensure convenient access and prompt availability of highest quality rugs for our customers. Our online carpet and rug store is created to allow you to scroll through all the available products without roaming. We have categorized our products to further refine your search and help you find one that best fits your desires.

From woolen variety of rugs from Pakistan and Persia to the most luxurious silk ones from China and Nepal, we have it all under one roof, viewable just the way you want. We also have an exclusive range of machine made rugs and carpets made from the finest materials and boasting modern patterns and style that will gel perfectly with your cotemporary décor.

Our major categories of carpets and rugs online include:

Handmade Rugs

You can further explore our pristine selection of hand-woven rugs by choosing a category based on the material used in making. These rugs come from various Asian regions known for their mastery in this craft. This covers most of Asian countries that have seen a glorious past under the regime of rulers who defined a whole new era of class and elegance in terms of décor. These regions include not just Persia and Turkey but also Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China where oriental rugs, mainly knotted in silk, reflect a completely different set of styles and techniques.

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Machine Made Rugs

This may not sound as exclusive and exotic as handmade rugs, but we make sure that the quality you get is the finest in its unique way.  Machine made rugs allow more room for creativity and experimentation in terms of designs, pattern, styles, and even sizes. We have worked with highly talented, skilled and experienced designers that help us create an assortment of styles inspired from traditional handmade rugs and modern day designs. From ethic motives of Gabbeh & Pasargad to highly detailed patterns of Almas collection, explore and find the finest machine made rugs at the best rates.

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